As a professional DJ it is my job to spot and play the current and upcoming music hits of the year, specifically the hits that will make people want to dance and sing along! Hit songs do not necessarily have brilliant lyrics or possess genius instrumentation. Presently the majority of popular dance music is dominated by corporate constructed artists & songs that inject catchy components such as simple repetitive choruses paired up with a cheerful and warm electro sounding beat.

Since 2010 is nearing a close, I would like to share my top 6 dance hits that always got the party going this year! I have not ranked these in any particular order, they are all party favorites!


  1. Taio Cruz |Dynomite

This song was created with the intention to make people dance and sing along. Dynomite is equipped with very simple catchy lyrics in combination with an infectious, friendly, fun, and energetic back beat. Great song to get everyone on the dance floor and shouting out “A YO”

  1. Usher |OMG

This beat was created by the talented Will.I.AM from the Black Eyed Peas. When I first heard this song I thought the beat may be a too choppy for the common person to dance to but at all the gigs I played this year it always got an excellent response on the dance floor.

  1. Far East Movement |Like a G6

This song has everybody singing it at one point or another with its catchy phrases such as “sippin sizzurp” and “gettin slizzard”. This is an undisputed dance hit of 2010. Every time I play this song people come running and screaming from every corner of the venue.
The song is another celebration of partying but its dark edge and hypnotic beat is perfect for late night during celebrations.

  1. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina |Stereo Love

Somehow Edward Maya found a way to make an accordion sound cool with his first released song Stereo Love. This song has taken North American by storm with its very unique sound that music fans of all genres can appreciate with its catchy (not too hard and not too soft), sad under toned beat and lyrics.

  1. Usher |Dj Got Us Falling In Love again

Usher makes another great party tune again with his smooth voiceover and a fun, melodic, and energetic beat. This song is filled with easy and repetitive versus and choruses that will have the whole dance floor singing the lyrics aloud!

  1. We no speak Americano |Yolanda Be Cool ft Dcup

This song without a doubt has been the most requested song at the end of 2010 at all my gigs. The electro swing sound that Yolanda Be Cool has developed in We no speak Americano has captured a nook in everyone’s brain whether they like the song or not! The extremely catchy lyrics and bouncy beat makes for a great party song!