When Djing,my staff and I use a software program called Serato Scratch Live. It has some excellent features of advanced music organization beyond your conventional CD music library. One feature that I particularly enjoy is the “History Folder”. The history folder keeps a detailed log of the music played through out any given gig. This comes in handy since you can refer to past music play lists that worked out well.

Periodically I like to analyze my history of play lists and look for songs that are predominately crowd pleasers. I was browsing through my “wedding rock play list” and out of curiosity I wanted to find the top rock song I played this year at the weddings that I have performed at. Can you guess what it was?!? Not a shock to me, it was Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. There is something about this song that makes people want to form circles and scream out the lyrics to each other while busting out the meanest of air guitar performances. Last weekend I had to play the song twice because the guests of wedding insisted on it. My question to you is what is it about this song that makes it so great or not so great?

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