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Honeymoon Destinations to Add to Your Bu...

Great Barrier Reef Visit the world’s largest coral reef system with 2,900 individual reefs, more than 900 islands that stretch over 2,300 km, and over 1,500 species of fish! Taj Mahal Located in India, this is an over-the-top tomb built by an emperor for his deceased wife. View the large 300 metre garden and the raised marble water tank in the middle with a reflecting pool that reflects the image of the mausoleum. Florence, Italy This is a city famous for its history of medieval European trade and finance (one of the wealthiest cities of the time). It’s considered the birthplace of the Renaissance and has been called the Athens of the Middle Ages. Florence is also ranked one of the top 50 fashion capitals of the world making it an important city in Italian fashion. Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong translates to “where the dragon descends into the sea”. Legend has it that […]

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White Wedding Cake Ideas...

Who doesn’t love a sweet, beautifully designed wedding cake? To keep it the colour neutral, many couples opt for a white cake with intricate designs. The cakes below are classy, elegant, and look amazing! To view more beautiful white cakes, visit

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3 Things to Include in Your Wedding Budg...

Besides the obvious items such as venue and attire, there are a few things that brides and grooms tend to forget when they’re planning their wedding budget. You don’t want these to come as a surprise at the very end, so we’ve compiled a short list for you below. Set-up and clean- up crew – Unless you plan on cleaning up everything with your wedding party, it’s crucial that you include this in your budgeting. In many cases, the venue will already have staff ready to help you clean/set-up, so make sure you ask first. Postage for invitations and RSVPs – You might’ve already included wedding invites in your budget, but postage stamps can add up. If your invitations are in a different shape or heavier than your standard paper invites, they will cost more to send out. Have an invitation weighed at the post office along with the RSVP cards and […]

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