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Posts tagged as 'Burlington Dj'

Rent Beautiful Wedding Venue Lighting

Rent lighting to make your wedding venue beautiful! It is the best way to improve ambience and atmosphere, and improve the overall experience for your guests! You can make your space beautiful and magical with these 3 types of lighting: 1. UpLighting This is an affordable option to rent with a large impact on the overall look of the banquet room. We can place it around the perimeter of the room or use it to light up the head table in any colour of your choice. Uplighting creates a beautiful ambience and can make your space look more fresh and modern. This is the best and least expensive way to improve your decor and transform your space! 2. Semi-Intelligent Lighting Next, this is a great option to rent for small budgets, tight spaces, or small rooms.

Don’t Stop Believing??

When Djing,my staff and I use a software program called Serato Scratch Live. It has some excellent features of advanced music organization beyond your conventional CD music library. One feature that I particularly enjoy is the “History Folder”. The history folder keeps a detailed log of the music played through out any given gig. This comes in handy since you can refer to past music play lists that worked out well.

Trust your DJ – A good DJ will get the job done!

Everyone wants the perfect music to be played at their event and to have a packed dance floor all night long. A good DJ will make this happen if you put trust in him or her and their expertise.

Mixology 101 – Does your DJ use the latest technology?

In my teenage years as a DJ, some of my fondest memories were hopping on the GO Train with friends and heading downtown to go record shopping. I would spend hours in each shop carefully previewing and selecting which records to purchase. Back then I would make my purchases strictly on the basis of my own personal music preferences, especially since each vinyl cost anywhere from $12.00 to $15.00 for 2 tracks, one song on the A-Side and one song one the B-Side – a very costly hobby to say the least!