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Posts tagged as 'wedding ideas'

Honeymoon Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

Sound Obsession’s interactive software helps you choose songs for your wedding or event! This helps you save time, and helps make the planning process much more enjoyable. Choosing the right songs can be a difficult process. Especially when there are so many other things to do for your event! However, having all the songs in one spot, and a click away, will make the planning process easier for you! How do I choose songs? We will give you a personal password and a protected online portal with the ability to search and listen to thousands of songs for your wedding or event. Our music library is conveniently categorised by decade, top 200, artist, and song title. The software also features a wedding specific section to help you select music for special moments such as your first dance, or your dance with your Mom or Dad.

White Wedding Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love a sweet, beautifully designed wedding cake? To keep it the colour neutral, many couples opt for a white cake with intricate designs. The cakes below are classy, elegant, and look amazing! To view more beautiful white cakes, visit

How to Keep Your Wedding Planning on Track

Here’s a handy guide for you to use to keep your wedding plans on track. Of course, everybody and every wedding is different, so this timeline should be adjusted to your needs.