Planning your own wedding can be stressful, but compared to hiring a wedding planner, it can save you a lot of money. Below are five tips to help you and your partner get started.

  • Set a budget – Before you even start looking around, you need to know how much you and your partner are willing to spend on the wedding. Having a clear budget will allow you to determine the type of food, venue, extras (and so on) you’re looking for. Make sure to set some money aside for any bumps you might encounter along the way.

  • Create a guest list – By having your guest list earlier in your planning process, you’ll have a general idea of how to budget and how big you want your venue to be. If you don’t have enough in the budget, you’ll need to make some guest cuts. Cutting just 10 guests can save you about $1,000.

  • Stay organized – There are a lot of wedding apps out there that can help you stay stress-free. You can also buy a wedding book or binder that will help you organize your contacts, guests, budget, and everything in between. Having everything in one place will not only be stress-free, but it will be a lot easier to find the information you need.

  • Research – With everything being posted on the Internet nowadays, it’s not hard to find reviews of the vendors you’re looking to hire. Reading online reviews can help you find a place that is professional and reliable. You may also be able to find amazing deals you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere!

  • Shop around – You don’t have to settle on the first florist you learn about. Take the time to look around so you don’t miss out. You don’t have to stick within one city either. For example, Sound Obsession is located in Oakville, but offers DJ services in the Greater Toronto Area as well!