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Honeymoon Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

Sound Obsession’s interactive software helps you choose songs for your wedding or event! This helps you save time, and helps make the planning process much more enjoyable. Choosing the right songs can be a difficult process. Especially when there are so many other things to do for your event! However, having all the songs in one spot, and a click away, will make the planning process easier for you! How do I choose songs? We will give you a personal password and a protected online portal with the ability to search and listen to thousands of songs for your wedding or event. Our music library is conveniently categorised by decade, top 200, artist, and song title. The software also features a wedding specific section to help you select music for special moments such as your first dance, or your dance with your Mom or Dad.

Learn to Dance!

Already have your song for your first dance? Want to “WOW” your family and friends with some smooth dance moves, and make it a dance you’ll both remember forever? Sound Obsession welcomes Denise Aversa, a professionally trained Latin Ballroom dance instructor! Denise has a real passion for dancing and studied, performed, and taught at Rafika’s Studio of Dance & Performing Arts in Mississauga. Her dance career began at a young age in ballet, where she was able to appreciate technique and learn how to use the body to achieve purposeful movements. Her classes in Latin Ballroom was a hobby that quickly turned into a passion, so she pursued her dreams of being a professional dancer and instructor.

5 Wedding Cocktail Ideas

So you’ve seen our blog posts featuring 5 wedding appetizer recipes and 5 wedding dessert recipes, here’s one for cocktails!

5 Wedding Dessert Recipes

Did you enjoy our recent blog post with 5 wedding appetizer recipes? Well here’s an even sweeter one: wedding desserts! Again, these desserts aren’t limited to just weddings. Try them out at your next bridal shower or other party! They’re sure to be a hit. Here are five delicious dessert recipes we gathered for you.

5 Wedding Appetizer Recipes

If you’re looking to save money on hiring a chef or restaurant to serve your appetizers, you can definitely make them at home yourself! Get help from your family and friends and make it fun! We gathered five recipes for wedding appetizers for you to try out. Even if you’re not having a wedding, you consider these recipes for your next party! Saucy Asian Meatballs Purple Potatoes with Poached Quail Eggs Avocado Fries with Spicy Roast Garlic Dip Cucumber Cream Cheese Tomato Bites Grilled Eggplant with Feta Cheese, Pine Nuts, & Basil We hope you enjoy our five picks! Remember to share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter if you make these!

Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Invitations

So you’ve seen our blog posts featuring 5 wedding appetizer recipes and 5 wedding dessert recipes, here’s one for cocktails!

Hiring a Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ can make or break your special day, so be sure to hire a reputable and professional DJ to keep your guests entertained.

2014 Wedding Trends

Summer is fast approaching, meaning there will be a lot more weddings to attend this year. There are so many great new wedding trends this year! If you’re in the final stages of wedding planning, this blog post is for you. We decided to narrow down our five favourite ones to share with you.

5 Tips for Planning Your Own Wedding

So you’ve seen our blog posts featuring 5 wedding appetizer recipes and 5 wedding dessert recipes, here’s one for cocktails!

Always Research The DJ Company

Choosing the right wedding DJ is a crucial element towards planning a fun and memorable wedding reception. Ideally, everyone would like an experienced DJ that can read a crowd to get the party going! Well the good news is you can have that amazing DJ at your wedding, but you must take the time to educate yourself by doing research first. There are many different methods and criteria of seeking and choosing a Wedding DJ such as search engines like Google, word of mouth, and using the in house DJ of your reception venue, just to name a few.